Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting Started in Blackboard

Picture of Lara Madden, UAA FTC
Welcome to my FTC Blog. If you are reading this you probably use UAA Blackboard and are sometimes in need of help finding tips, tricks and tools. 
I am here at FTC to help you with just that and to assist you in learning even MORE tips and tools that will make Blackboard your FRIEND! Yes I said it, because I mean it.
My theory is we have this tool and it has a bunch of great tools deep inside that, if we just look for them and try them out we can create dynamic and robust courses. You can teach online, hybrid or just use Blackboard as a organization, communication and grading tool. If you stick with me you will begin to love it! I promise!!
The plan is to use this blog for monthly updates, but also for important issues or fun new tips that I find as we move along.
So get ready! Cause here we go!!!

Lara Madden